Transforming kids’ lives – For Good Through Nature

Transforming kids’ lives – For Good   Through Nature

With nature as our guide, we create safe, fun and challenging outdoor experiences for children of all ages that will change their approach to life forever.

Children of the 21st century are spending more and more time indoors, watched over by screens instead of the sun. Studies are proving that this is detrimental to their development and that kids need nature.

By creating outdoor experiences that are both fun and challenging, our Tugela Trail journeys help children learn important life lessons and learn more about themselves, building their self-confidence and emotional intelligence. 

Spending time outside fosters a new appreciation for the natural world, opening their eyes to the wonders that surround us in a country like South Africa – and the need to conserve them.

Your child will have a chance to learn some amazing Bear Grylls type outdoor skills as well as some essential social and inter-personal skills

Bush skills and survival skills that kids will be able to use when they get back home. 
Life skills and social skills, learning to treat others with respect and kindness.

Give your Child the experience of a lifetime!

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Interested in a wild kids holiday camp unlike any other?

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Our People

Our team of camp counsellors are seasoned sportspeople, adventurers, travellers, guides and mentors. We even have a PhD in Recreation among our list of staff qualifications.

Our Focus on Safety First

Safety is a priority – every day, on every journey, everywhere; it is simply not negotiable.

An Outdoor Adventure That Changes Lives

We know that kids who spend time with us come out changed people. They’re more appreciative of nature, and also more grateful in their everyday lives. We love watching kids go from couch potatoes to confident, avid adventurers.

At Tugela Trails, we bring children back to an
authentic experience with nature.

Their skin gets goosebumps in cold rivers, their legs get tired from scenic hikes, mud tickles their toes, they laugh until it hurts, and, after a busy day of adventure, they sleep soundly under watchful stars. 
Children learn about the natural world, the importance of conservation, gratitude and team work. Even more importantly, they learn about themselves and what they’re capable of. 

Interested in a wild kids holiday camp unlike any other?

Tugela Trails will provide an outdoor experience that has the power to change lives.