Five Party Favours That Won’t Break the Bank

Just because the party has to end, it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! Send your child’s birthday party guests home with a ‘piece of the party’ so that they can remember the good time they had.

But how do you provide something ‘cool’ without breaking the bank? 

Here’s a list of five fun party favours to give you some ideas:

#1 You’ve blown it

Cheap and cheerful, bubbles are always a hit! You can get creative and decorate the bottle to your party theme, or let kids customise their bottles with their own artwork and name labels. 

Running around chasing after bubbles is a fun way of getting kids outside. When they get bored of their outdoor bubbles, they can always try their hands at some bubble art.

#2 More ‘smores

This American campfire staple makes for a fantastic party favour package. A s’more is made from a melted marshmallow and chocolate eaten between two biscuits. All you’ll need to do is give each child a bag with two biscuits, a marshmallow and a small chocolate. They can then enjoy toasting their treat over the fire, and then sandwiching the gooey mess between the biscuits – perfect for overnight camping parties.

#3 Gone potty

Get the green fingers going too by gifting kids with their very own pot plant (flowers or herbs) to sow and grow. Provide instructions on how to plant the seeds and care for the plant. You can also give them a mix of seeds to ‘grow your own garden’ at home. 

#4 A guide book

A guide book of wild animals, birds, trees, insects, or flowers is a great way to get kids interested and engaged with the world around them. Instead of forking out for costly books at the bookstore, you can make your own guide book that is relevant to the area. Simply find a template, add some pictures (perhaps some to colour in) and descriptions and include a checklist and notes section for kids to document their findings. 

#5 Tugela Trails’ pack

When you host a party at Tugela Trails, we do it all for you, including supplying party packs filled with surprises that your kids will love. Instead of spending time at the shops, you’ll have more time to spend with those who matter – your family and friends. 

Wild parties at Tugela Trails

At Tugela Trails, we can cater for any outdoor party, from ‘Bear Grylls’ parties to ‘Survivor’ parties, army parties, camping parties and more. We’ll keep the kids entertained with exciting outdoor adventures that they’ll remember for years to come. Get in touch to find out more: